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Dream Club Zero Gets Rodeo Mini Game

Newcomer Nonono has come from the future to ride a bull.

And you thought the banana feeding mini game was bad?

This week's Famitsu has two major reveals for D3 Publisher's Dream Club prequel, Dream Club Zero.

First, as detailed earlier in this week's Flying Get column, the game has a new "Rodeo Machine" component. As with the original Dream Club, you can take the girls out on dates. Zero adds an electronics retailer as one date location. There, you'll find a rodeo machine, and the girls will apparently be willing to ride it.

The magazine shows a couple of the girls riding the machine. Newcomer Haruka is apparently adept at the activity, as she has horse riding experience (her family is wealthy). Captions beneath the screens hint that as the machine shakes violently, so too will certain areas of the girls.

As the player, you have a bit of control over the bull. You can make a few adjustments (to things like "pumps" -- I don't know my bull machines, so I'm leaving out the specifics), and if you get the experience just right, you might make the girl show an expression of ecstasy.

Also shown this week is the full cast of newcomer characters. The game has three newcomers in all. We were previously introduced to Haruka and Asuka. This week, easily the worst-named-hostess ever, Nonono. Nonono says she's a "Time Agent" who's come from the future for the sake of humanity.

Of course, this character setting should be too surprising, as the game already has an android who longs to become more human by being a hostess.

In this early character montage, Nonono is shown as a ghost image. In the actual artwork, she has greenish-blue hair -- yes, another unique hair color.

The newcomers all have special songs that they perform during karaoke. Nonono's song is the punk rock song Paradise. Haruka's song is Jewel, which she performs with a "cool" dance. Asuka's song is the ballad Kokoro no Kotoba, or Words of the Heart.

Outside of these details, the magazine has artwork showing the girls in their personal clothing. When you go out on dates, the girls ditch the host club's maid outfits for more casual clothing. These will hopefully make it into D3's long overdue next media update for Dream Club Zero.

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