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Tetsuya Nomura Details Versus & Agito TGS Plans

Titles to see combined trailer with actual gameplay.

They're ready for something... but maybe not for a full Tokyo Game Show reveal.

Tetsuya Nomura shared some of Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show plans via The 3rd Birthday Twitter earlier today.

The producer is apparently right in the middle of preparations for next month's show. Yesterday, he was in the studio working on promotional videos. He's still only partially finished with this work.

Based off Nomura's comments, it looks like Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show video setup will be similar to last year's Jump Festa. At Jump, Square Enix had an open theater, viewable by anyone who passed by the booth. It also had monitors set up in the main line to play Birth By Sleep, which was closed off from general viewing. Those waiting in line were able to see new glimpses of Versus XIII and other titles. This is slightly different from last year's Tokyo Game Show setup, which had demo players view the exclusive trailer footage after they'd played the games rather than before.

The promotional videos shown in the open theater and on the closed off line monitors will be very similar, Nomura said. However, the line trailers will have extended footage, showing areas of the games that go beyond even areas that have been announced to the press.

Nomura also mentioned what titles will be getting PVs this year. We'll get to see Re:Coded, The 3rd Birthday, along with Nomura's next unannounced title. Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII are being condensed into a single "short notice" under the Fabula Nova Crystallis banner.

Before you start burning your copies of Final Fantasy XIII, it's worth noting that prior to last year's TGS, Nomura hinted that there wouldn't be any Versus XIII footage, and we ended up getting a first look at some impressive real time test footage. Also, in the above PV description, it's unclear if Nomura is speaking about the open theater theater or the PVs that are being shown in lines. Perhaps those who line up will get a longer look at Versus and Agito.

On the topic of playable games, Nomura said once again that Square Enix will share its plans in September. TGS kicks off on the 16th.

Update 8:43 - Nomura has clarified that the Fabula Nova Crystallis video will be shown exclusively on the monitors in the demo line areas -- that is, it won't be part of the open theater. The footage will be about one minute in length, and the focus will be on real time footage of the games being controlled on actual hardware. For Versus, we'll get to see the three screenshots that were shown in Famitsu and Dengeki around the time of E3 in motion.

For textual details on those screens, see this story.

Update 9:03 - Another update from Nomura on the Agito and Versus footage. The Versus footage will be missing some elements, like the command menus and "some processing," as they apparently only want to reveal the footage (as opposed to revealing info about the gameplay -- the Famitsu screens from June had similar edits for the same reason). Agito's footage will be totally new and will be closer to what we'll get from the final product. Writes Nomura, "However, both titles are without final release dates, so we can only show little"

Update 9:14 - I think this is Nomura's final update for now, as he says he has to head off to do voice recording. Kingdom Hearts will be getting its own Twitter, reveals Nomura. He says to expect KH-related Tweets from there in the future (he did not provide a URL).

The good footage at last year's Jump was behind this screen (look closely, and you can see an image from the short Versus trailer).

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