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First Look: Bullet Soul

Original Xbox 360 bullet hell shooting from 5pb.


5pb.'s long awaited original Xbox 360 shooter has been unveiled on the pages of Famitsu and at Famitsu.com.

As first detailed last week, the new game is titled Bullet Soul. Different from most bullet hell shooters, where you normally go on the defensive, the focus here is on attacking. While gameplay specifics are being kept under wraps, you'll apparently have to attack, or die.

5pb. has drafted some major talent for the game. Character designs are from Akio Watanabe, known for the Bakemonogatari anime. Music composition is from Romancing Saga's Kenji Ito, with arrangement work from Kouta Takahashi of the Klonoa series.

A release for this latest Xbox 360 shootemup is set for Winter, priced at ¥7,350. Visit the Famitsu.com story for more screens.

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