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Chunsoft Formally Announces Publishing Revival

Company opens new portal, starts up Twitter, and begins promoting Shiren 5.


Word of Chunsoft's revival as a publisher first made it out through Famitsu, in an interview this week with CEO Koichi Nakamura. Today, the company formally declared its intentions by briefing the press at large and opening a new official portal at chunsoft.jp.

As detailed at the official Chunsoft blog, the new portal site will house information about Chunsoft's self-published product, along with info on mobile apps and flash games.

The company also opened an official Twitter, chun_PR.

Leading the way in Chunsoft's publishing efforts is a new entry in the Shiren the Wanderer series, Shiren the Wanderer 5 for DS. That game got an official teaser site today. A full site will open on September 2, but Famitsu.com has a first look along with a movie of the game's opening.

For more on Chunsoft's publishing initiatives, including hints at potential overseas plans, see this summary of Nakamura's Famitsu interview.

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