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Monster Hunter Diary off to Strong Start

PSP spinoff sells out at many small retailers.

Monster Hunter Diary offers a new, impossibly cute, take on Capcom's popular multiplayer franchise.

Gone are the days of early first day sales figure leaks, but we can turn to retailer blogs for some hints at how games are performing early on. And based off such anecdotal reports, Capcom's PSP Monster Hunter spinoff Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne Village seems to be off to a strong start.

Hachimaki compiled some retailer blog reports today. The blog posts are all from individual retailers, so we're talking about numbers like 50 units or 30 units. However, the general consensus seems to be that the game is selling better than expected, leading to sellouts.

Regarding who exactly was buying the game, one retailer said that female audiences made up 50% of the purchasers and that the game was sold out by noon -- an "impossible speed" for this shop.

Another shop only had one female buyer, with the game instead selling to only core players, something that surprised the shop owner. This shop sold over 30 units on the first day, more than expected.

One major retailer issued a comment on the game's sales. Wonder Goo updated its Twitter saying that sales for the game are strong. The game is being purchased by kids and girls who have no connection to the Monster Hunter series, said the Tweet.

Monster Hunter Diary is a new take on the Monster Hunter series, offering an Animal Crossing-like experience with the cute level set to high. Capcom released the game at a low ¥3,990 price point and also offered a hardware bundle featuring a "Lilac Purple" PSP unit.

Sales for the game should surface next week through Media Create and Enterbrain.

Both the bundle and software-only versions are sold out at this retailer.

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