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Yakuza Gets a TV Show and Manga

Sega readying crossover adaptations of upcoming PSP title.


Earlier this week, a television schedule for broadcaster TBS listed "Black Panther: Yakuza New Chapter" following the weekly Tuesday night broadcast of the K-On anime. Was Sega planning some sort of anime conversion for the PSP Yakuza title?

The answer was provided today. Sega is planning not only a television conversion for the PSP spinoff, but a manga conversion as well.

Despite its positioning after K-On, the television conversion is not an anime. Sega is going live action with this one.

Main character Tatsuya Ukyo (center) is portrayed by stage, television and movie actor Takumi Saito. Other cast members include Hideo Ishiguro and Takuya Ishida.

The drama adaptation, which carries the same name as the game (in Japanese, "Kurohyou Ryu ga Gotoku Shin Shou") will feature an original story. Similar to the game, Rize will be performing the drama's theme song.

The 11 part drama will air every Tuesday night on TBS and MBS starting October 5. Following completion of the series, Sega will be making the episodes available for rental via PlayStation Store.

In addition to the television show, Sega will also be producing a manga adaptation of the game. This is being done by manga artist Yukai Asada, known for Woodstock. It will feature an original story set in the neon city of Kamurocho and following the game's Dragon Heat fighting tournament.

Tatsuya will be the main character of the manga as well. Sega released a single image showing Asada's version of the character.

The manga, referred to in Sega's press release today as just "Kurohyou," will begin serialization in the 9/18 issue of Weekly Young Magazine (issue number 42).

Black Panther sees PSP release on September 22.

Main character Tatsuya engages in combat in the PSP spinoff of the Yakuza series.

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