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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Official Site Opens

Get your first look at Sega's winter followup.


Sega has opened an official site for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

Announced earlier this week, Infinity is a followup to last year's Phantasy Star Portable 2. The game adds a new race, a new story, and numerous gameplay refinements.

The official site introduces three of the new features:

New Character Nagisa

New Race Duman

Visual Lobby

You can read a full report on these areas here.

Outside of the screenshots, the site has a few videos of the game in its entry guide area.

Under its new arrival page, the official site lists six items with question marks. Many of these may be taken up by the features mentioned in the Famitsu reveal article.

As listed at the official site, Infinity will see release this winter. It will support Ad-hoc Mode, Infrastructure Mode, data install and "Friend Search."

Friend Search is, according to the site, the official name for a PSP passive tag mode, where PSP systems exchange data as players bass by one another. Famitsu's reveal article mentioned "Friend Search" in the context of data exchanges where players exchange character data and "mission codes."

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