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Solatorobo's Tail Concerto Connection

Meet the characters who will be making a crossover appearance in CyberConnect2's new DS RPG.


Solatorobo isn't really a sequel to 1998 PlayStation classic Tail Concerto. But it is set in the same "Little Tail Bronx" world. Solatorobo takes place in the Shepherd Republic part of Little Tail Bronx. Tail Concerto takes place in the Prairie Kingdom part of the world.

As detailed by CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama recently, in addition to this world connection, Solatorobo will have some guest character appearances from Tail Concerto. Today, publisher Namco Bandai distributed artwork and screenshots showing the guest characters.

The lineup includes Waffle, Panta, Alicia, Stare, and Flare.

The characters all have individual stories detailing just what exactly brings them over to Shepherd Republic.

Waffle has been called upon by Shepherd's border police because of his expertise on the Black Cats Gang pirates, a group lead by Alicia. Alicia and her little sisters Stare and Flare are visiting Shepherd Kingdom on tourism but have been causing trouble wherever they go.

In Tail Concerto, Waffle rode a Police Robo vehicle. In Solatorobo, he'll mostly make use of an air ship called Police Gyro. Panta serves as his co-pilot, operating the com unit.

Solatorobo also includes crossovers with a second CC2 property, Mamorukun. Mamorukun was created by the CC2 staff to be a symbol for the emergency services in the company's home town of Fukuoka. The property is related to Solatorobo and Tail Concerto in that it takes place in The Country of Nippon (Japan), which is also said to be a part of the Little Tail Bronx world.

From Mamorukun, you can look forward to Mamorukun himself and Mamorukun's father. They've come to Shepherd Kingdom from the faraway land of Nippon for crime and disaster prevention.

The crossover characters will feature in some of Solatorobo's over 80 quests. Namco Bandai detailed four of the crossover quests today:

Strengthen Patrols

Crossover with Tail Concerto. Red has been ordered by border patrol to meet up with Waffle and work together on patrols. The two locate the Black Cat Gang's Cat Balloon on their radar and end up racing against one another to see who can catch the group first.

Once you've cleared this quest, you'll be able to use Waffle's Police Gyro in the game's multiplayer Aero Grand Prix race mini game.

The Police Gyro (left) and Cat Balloon (right)

Help Finding Things

Crossover with Tail Concerto. Flomage seeks Red's help in tracking down some kittens who've stolen things from her house. Red works with the self proclaimed super detective Ameri to search Flomage's room, and eventually discover that the four offending kittens are members of the Black Cat Gang. You'll have to pursue the kittens into the sewers and apprehend them.

Once you've done this, you'll find the Alicia and her sisters waiting for you.

Distributing Fliers

Crossover with Mamorukun. A quest where you distribute safety fliers at the request of Mamorukun. Each time you hand off a flier to someone in town, you'll get a different reaction. You clear this quest by handing out fliers to everyone in town.


Crossover with Mamorukun. The mayor of Shepherd Land asks you to save miners who've been trapped in an unexplained cave-in in the nearby mines. You'll need to use your mech to clear fallen boulders out of the way as you save the miners.

Along the way, you'll meet up with Mamorukun, who makes his way directly into the mine using his drill ship. Red hops into Mamorukun's drill ship the two descend deep into the mine, where they find that the cause of the cave-in is a giant beast.

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