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The 3rd Birthday Confirmed Playable for TGS

Tetsuya Nomura lets slip more of Square Enix's event plans.

Gamers will get their hands on Aya Brea in a few weeks.

Square Enix is holding off until next month to share its Tokyo Game Show playable game list. But Tetsuya Nomura got permission for two reveals today.

Posting at the 3rd Birthday Twitter, Nomura confirmed that The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded will be playable at the show.

He also promised promotional video footage featuring newly created CG. The PVs are currently being edited.

For both games, this will mark a public playable debut. The 3rd Birthday was demoed exclusively for press at Germany's Gamescom event earlier this month.

Yesterday, Nomura shared some of Square Enix's non-playable plans for TGS. The company will be showing off a number of promotional videos. Most notable is a combined clip for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII.

Nomura said yesterday that the one minute clip would consist mostly of gameplay. The Versus footage will include in-game sequences from the three screenshots that were published in Dengeki and Famitsu back in June. The Agito trailer will consist of entirely new footage and will be closer to a final product when compared with the Versus footage.

Today, Agito director Hajime Tabata commented on the Agito trailer. Wrote Tabata, "Regarding the new Agito footage that will be shown at TGS, although it's short, I believe it will convey the game's direction, its power, and the energy of the development team."

The Agito and Versus trailer will be shown exclusively on monitors set up in the waiting area for such playable games as Re:Coded and The 3rd Birthday. This is similar to how Square Enix showed its most anticipated footage at last year's Jump Festa event.

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