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Class of Heroes 3 Delayed

Acquire announces slight delay and details differences between PS3 and PSP versions.

Image from PS3's Class of Heroes 2G.

Acquire announced today a slight delay in the release of Class of Heroes 3. The game was originally scheduled for September 16 release, but now will not make it out until October 7.

As reason, the company said that it needs to improve the quality.

Class of Heroes 3 is being released simultaneously on PS3 and PSP. Joining today's delay announcement, Acquire listed some of the differences between the two versions:

PS3 version has event voices (although the tutorial and some characters are unvoiced). The PSP version does not have event voices.
PS3 version can be installed to hard drive. PSP version can be installed to Memory Stick.
PS3 version has Trophy support. PSP version has an internal awards system.
PS3 & PSP Connectivity
You'll find some differences in the items that you gain from connectivity.
Save Data Carryover
PS3 version carries over data from Class of Heroes 2G. PSP version carries over data from Class of Heroes 2.

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