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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Character Hints Coming Next Week

We'll get our first clues as to who's new for the arcade version shortly.


It's now confirmed that Super Street Fighter IV's arcade version will be getting some new characters. So when will we get specifics?

First details could end up coming next week. In today's update at the Super SFIV blog, assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano teased that some hints would be provided in next week's blog entry. The blog is updated every Friday.

It's notable that Ayano said "hint." This seems to suggest that the characters will not see a full reveal in next week's Famitsu.

The timing of next week's blog hint is also notable, as the update will come one week before the Amusement Machine Show begins in Chiba. Capcom hasn't said that Super SFIV will be at the show. However, another 2D fighter, BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, will see its debut there.

This screenshot of the arcade version's character select provides our only current clue about the new characters.

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