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A Lovely In-Game Aya Brea Pic

Plus, Kitase and Tabata hype up The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded


The 3rd Birthday director Hajime Tabata closed off a week of updates at the game's official Twitter with a sweet in-game pic of Aya Brea.

This is from an event scene somewhere in the game. As good as Aya looks, Tabata says she has yet to see final facial touches. He also expressed disappointment with not being able to show Aya's surroundings.

Tabata and producer Yoshinori Kitase have been hyping up The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded quite a bit over the past few days. Both games were recently confirmed by Tetsuya Nomura to be playable at TGS.

Regarding The 3rd Birthday, Kitase wrote "I played the GamesCom version quite a bit, but was shocked when seeing the TGS version in motion, with graphics that have been upgraded so much that I thought it was a different game. I do my development checks on a standard television, and for a moment I forgot that it was running on a PSP."

Tabata commented that the game's critical favor within Square Enix has been rising as it approaches completion. Regarding TGS, he said, "It will be shown along side Re:Coded, which is being acclaimed internally as a god game, but it's gradually becoming unnecessary for me to bow down beside it."

"God game," or "Kami-ge" is Japanese gamer slang for a game that's really good. It's the opposite of "Crap game," or "Kuso-ge."

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