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Gran Turismo 5 Has Optional Hard Drive Install

Yamauchi recommends 10 gigabytes of space for smooth play experience.

You can have all my gigs, GT5!

Gran Turismo 5 is still a couple of months out, but if you're a real pro racer you're readying your PS3 right now. Here's a bit of info that should help in your early preparations.

Earlier today, series master Kazunori Yamauchi fielded a question about the game's hard drive install options via his Twitter. It looks like Polyphony will be keeping both sides of the install camp happy here. To run the game, you'll need just 256 megabytes of space (which one wouldn't really call an "install"). However, for a smooth play experience, Yamauchi recommends 10 gigabytes.

It's unclear what Yamauchi means by "smooth" experience, and what exactly will be installing into those 10 gigabytes. But what do you expect from a tiny Tweet? We're going to probably have to wait for a more official announcement if we want all the details on GT5's install scheme.

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