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White Knight Chronicles 2 Now Has Bikinis

Sony kicks off its download quest content with revealing equipment.


Just before White Knight Chronicle 2's release last month, Famitsu showed concept art of some upcoming swimwear download content. That content (and something less revealing outfits) became available last week:

These are named (from left to right) Triton, Nereid and Robins.

Triton and Nereid are actually the second set of downloadable swimsuits. The first, Merman and Mermaid, became available on the 5th.

These outfits are all rewards for playing through the game's free quest downloads. Merman and Mermaid were part of the game's first quest, Revenge of the Savages, which became available on the 5th. Triton, Nereid and Robins are part of the game's second quest, which hit on Thursday.

Both quests allow for six players to simultaneously transform into Ark Knight form.

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