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Record of Agarest War 2's Naughty Event CG: Now With Video

If the first generation heroines are this bad, imagine what the next generation will be like.


Would you like some more of those naughty Record of Agarest War 2 event CG images?

Of course you would! So, here you go, straight from the CG gallery at the game's official site.

Still shots are fine and all, but how about a look at the scenes in motion complete with innuendo-filled voiceovers? Compile Hearts has provided a video with just that:

Says first generation heroine Fiona in the below sequence: "My mouth is so full that it feels like it's going to overflow. But it tastes good."

As for this sequence, in order for me to translate what first generation heroine Filine is saying, I'd have to first know why Victoria is bent over and tied up like that.

Be sure and visit the "special" section of the official site for some actual gameplay clips.

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