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Super Robot Taisen L Official Site Opens; Still Purple

Lots of screenshots of all your favorite robo franchises.


The official site for Super Robot Wars L went from teaser to fully open today. It's still largely purple, but now it has actual content.

Announced last week, Super Robot Wars L is the latest DS entry in the Namco Bandai's Super Robot Wars robot strategy series. The game promises to retain the basic mix of grid-based strategy, conversation scenes and high energy cut-ins of past Suparobo games. Updates include improved cut-in scenes, and a greater number of "animation cut-ins," a feature the game carries over from its predecessor, Super Robot Wars K.

Franchises that will lend their mecha and characters to Super Robot Wars for the first time with L include Macross F, Dancouga Nova, Fight! Iczer One, Iczer Reborn, Linebarrels of Iron and Rebuild of Evangelion. You can see a full list of franchises in this story.

Currently at the site, you'll find sections on story and characters. The character section has a bunch of screenshots along with Japanese language details for the various franchises.

Sections for movies and gameplay systems are currently under construction. The game saw its first promotional video at the Chara Hobby Fair over the weekend. Namco Bandai PR said in the last issue of Famitsu that we'll be getting the trailer online in early September.

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