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3rd Birthday Official Site Updated with New Character Details

Get another look at Borh and Cray. Plus, a new Aya render.


A long awaited update at The 3rd Birthday official site today brought us an updated profile for main character Aya Brea and first profiles for two characters who were revealed in last week's Famitsu and Dengeki (for summaries of those stories, click here).

For Aya's profile, if I'm not mistaken the only change is the addition of a second CG image. Unfortunately, this one doesn't have a zoom feature.

Here's Aya in her new form surrounded by her newly introduced comrades.

To the left of Aya is Thelonious Cray, a former army special forces agent and now a special investigator operating in CTI's Overdive investigation division. When CTI was formed, he was called upon due to his knowledge of combat strategy. He serves as Aya's trainer and will also apparently teach you the game's controls (uh-oh!)

To Aya's right is Hyde Borh, head of CTI's Overdive investigation division. He's a pro when it comes to the technological side of the investigation and will give clear guidance to those he sends out to the battle field. His allies place trust in him, but he is easily misunderstood due to his cold composure and insistence on perfection.

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