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More Bizarre Dead Rising Delays

Something's up in Fortune City.

From the award winning Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun.

It looks like yesterday's last minute delay for the domestic (that's Japan only!) version of Dead Rising 2: Case 0 may have been contagious. Yes, this is the only disease-related gag you'll see in this story.

Microsoft announced today that the Games on Demand release of the original Dead Rising and the Xbox Live Marketplace release of the 8th volume in the epic Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun saga have been delayed.

The Dead Rising Games on Demand release was scheduled for today. Microsoft says the release of the latest Zombrex chapter was scheduled for the 25th... which was six days ago. Feel free to check your Xbox 360 to see if it's actually there or not.

Unlike Case 0's delay, which Capcom said was due to some content issues, Microsoft says these delays are due to issues with its distribution system. It promised an announcement once new dates are set.

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