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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd VS Shining Hearts -- FIGHTO!

What do you do when your release comes opposite the biggest game of the year?


Release calendars tend to empty surrounding major releases in Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy level franchises. With four million sales for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, one could say that Monster Hunter has that status at present. So publishers are probably eager to avoid conflicting with the game's new December 1 release date.

But what do you do if you already announced a December 2 release date for your PSP game?

After checking your business card and confirming that yes, you are a Sega employee, you post the following on Twitter:

"It came just as expected. But we've been readying a means of dealing with it, so I don't feel there will be a problem."

Sega's Shining series producer Tsuyoshi Sawada posted this mysterious message earlier today. Although he doesn't specifically mention "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd," it does seem that the potential problem he's referring to is that game's newly announced December 1 date conflicting with Shining Hearts' previously announced December 2 date.

So what steps could Sega possibly be taking to deal with Capcom's sales sucking franchise? Some are speculating on a delay or date shift.

I'm speculating on more full body pillows:

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