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Love Plus App Updated to iPhone 4 Spec

High res Manaka, Rinko and Nene, along with greater Augmented Reality photo support.


Konami's iPhone Love Plus app was given an update today. The version 1.1.0 update gives the game full iPhone 4 high resolution support, demonstrated in the above images.

Also featured in the update is an improved "Augmented Reality" camera system. This system allows you to make the girls look like they're standing in your pictures atop a special marker that you've set in the frame (the required marker can be obtained for free from Konami's ). Prior versions added the girls after you snapped the pic. With the 1.1.0 update, you'll now be able to view the AR effects in real time.

As with past updates, this one is free to current owners. Love Plus i is available in separate iM, iR and IN versions depending on your preferred girl

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