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Ubisoft Brings Assassin's Creed, HAWX and T-shirts to TGS

Publisher planning series of pre-show reports featuring models.


Ubisoft had a packed booth at last year's Tokyo Game Show, with lines to play games like Assassin's Creed II stretching for hours.

The publisher will, of course, have its own space this year as well. Today, it opened a special TGS info page.

Currently, the Ubisoft lineup consists of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and HAWX 2.

Assassin's Creed is due for PS3 and Xbox 360 release some time this year. At TGS, attendees will be able to sample online multiplayer play.

HAWX 2 is set for PS3 and Xbox 360 release on October 7. A demo is due for release in late September. TGS attendees will get to sample this demo in advance.

One of the reasons for the booth's popularity last year was that Ubisoft was giving away original t-shirts to those who sampled the games. The company will be holding a similar promotion this year. It has shared the t-shirt designs in advance.

The publisher's TGS info page currently has an inactive "Model Introduction" section. This appears to have something to do with a series of promised pre show video reports from models. The first of these videos is due on September 3.

Joining the special site, Ubisoft has set up a Twitter feed for those hoping to keep up with its show plans.

TGS will be held this year at the Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo from September 16 through September 19. The first two days of the show are press and business only. The last two days are accessible to the public.

Ubisoft's TGS special site.

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