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White Knight Chronicles PSP Detailed

Sony is preparing portable prologue that puts you up against those giant knights. Get the background story and meet the Train Battalion, last hope of the Athwan Empire.

From the first White Knight Chronicles. Sony will presumably be sharing first online media of the new PSP game later this week.

It's been a couple of months since Sony first announced its White Knight Chronicles sequel for PSP. The new title appeared in a single page teaser article in Famitsu just ahead of the White Knight Chronicles 2 release, and that's the last we saw of it.

Famitsu has returned this week with a four page look at the game, now fully titled "White Knight Chronicles episode:portable Dogma Wars." The magazine's preview details the story and setting of the game and introduces us to the primary cast.

Dogma Wars is set 10,000 years prior to the events of PS3's White Knight 1 & 2. As detailed in the background story for the PS3 titles, this is the time of the Dogma Age, where the Yshrenia and Athwan Empires fought for control of the world. Yshrenia created the game's trademark giant knights as the ultimate weapon to bring defeat to Athwan.

When the first PS3 game kicks off 10,000 years later, the war has long since ended and the knights have long since been sealed off. Main character Leonard manages to form a pact with the titular White Knight, giving you the ability to transform into the giant form during gameplay.

Back in the time of the PSP game, the knights are a major threat to the Athwan Empire, and that includes you, the game is set from the perspective of the Athwans. You play as members of Athwan Empire's special "Train Battalion," a group formed for the purpose of defeating the knights. That's right, you're going to be fighting the giants this time instead of transforming into them.

If you saw the artwork that appeared in that old issue of Famitsu, you might remember an image of a train being pulled by horses. That horse-pulled train serves as both the basis of operations for the Train Battalion, and as their mode of transport. Famitsu says that one can consider the train a "city," as it has a variety of facilities. However, because of its ability to move, it can also serve to hide its passengers from the Yshrenia army.

The magazine introduces four characters this week:

Member of the Train Battalion. A former general who places great faith in Athwan and its queen. From his fighting experience, he has a good sense of the power of the knights, and foresees Athwan's doom. In hopes of finding away around this, he's formed the Train Battalion and serves as its leader.
Member of the Train Battalion. She's a mysterious girl who believes that all people are born to do a particular thing. Desparing both the past and future, she believes only in the now and aims to fulfill what she believes to be her own role. To fulfill this role, it's possible that she will select to sacrifice herself.
For the sake of his queen, Eldas hides his true identity as an officer in the Athwan Army and supports the Train Battalion. Although young, he has great tactical knowledge, and fully demonstrates this talent in the fight against the Yshrenia Empire. In his search for a power capable of defeating the knights, he's hoping for success from the Train Battalion.
A mysterious man clothed in black. He's a member of a mysterious new force known as the "Black Wings." He engages in activity behind the scenes of the war and will come before the Train Battalion many times. For what purpose have Yumando and the Black Wings intervened in this world at war?

The magazine has one screenshot showing what appears to be one of the Train Battalion members in an impossible confrontation with the giant White Knight from the PS3 games. The magazine says that in the PSP title, you'll encounter a group of "pactmakers" different from Leonard and the other characters of the PS3 games.

The magazine suggests viewing the Dogma Wars manga that's currently at the White Knight series official site for some further hints.

While White Knight Chronicles episode:portable Dogma Wars takes place 10,000 years prior to the PS3 games, Sony will be rewarding the series' biggest fans. Famitsu says to expect some form of connective element with the PS3 titles.

If you're looking for any gameplay details, you won't find them here. The magazine's reveal article is almost completely devoid of gameplay info. The magazine won't even confirm if you'll be able to customize your own character creations. It does, however, show artwork for male and female avatars equipped in what appears to be original equipment, so this does seem like a good indication that the game will have a full avatar system in place.

Development on the game is currently 50% complete, Famitsu reports. A release time frame is set for 2011.

Will the Knight Knight PSP gameplay look anything like this (shown: White Knight 2)? We'll have to wait for a followup to find out!

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