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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Dated

Capcom picks a celebratory date for what could be this year's biggest game.

Capcom's official Monster Hunter Portable 3rd site promotes the new date.

Capcom gave Monster Hunter Portable 3rd an official release date today. The sequel to the top selling PSP game of all time will arrive on December 1, priced at ¥5,800.

December 1 is a Wednesday, which is an odd day of the week for game releases. The reason this date was chosen was because the original Monster Hunter Portable was released on December 1, 2005. Capcom is aiming to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the series through MHP 3rd.

New Monster Hunter Portable 3rd screenshots shared by Capcom today. You can see the dual Felyne system in the right screen.

Famitsu's print edition delivered a long awaited report on the game this week, with twelve pages detailing monsters new and old as well as the game's Tokyo Game Show showing.

Leading off the magazine's monster coverage is a new large, rabbit-like creature called Urukususu (白兎獣ウルクスス). It resides in cold environments, to which it is so adapted that it can glide freely on the ice for an attack approach. Urukususu makes use of its excellent hearing capabilities to listen for even the slightest sounds during its hunts. It also has a humorous side, as it will be shocked by loud noises.

Urukususu has access to a variety of powerful attacks. Its "Bear Hug" move has it swat hunters with rapid motions of its two front legs, which have sharp claws. During this move, it stands up on its rear legs in a bear-like fashion. It can also use those two legs to scoop up snow for a snow ball toss

Also debuting this week is the "poison dragon" Dosfroggi (毒龍ドスフロギィ). This creature is closely related to the Dosjaggi (Great Jaggi) creature that appeared in Monster Hunter 3. It's a small creature, but it will attack you in packs. It has a little bag-like thing surrounding its throat. This contains poison that it shoots out as a mist, a move called "Poison Breath."

The "symbolic creature" for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is Jinouga (雷狼竜ジンオウガ), a large four legged monster that can perform chain attacks with its tail and front legs. In 3rd, it will switch to a new "Super Electrified" state, where it looks up to the sky and then surrounds itself in electricity. Get near it when its in this state, and you'll be electrocuted. Famitsu speculates that the creature may require long distance attacks because of this move.

The game's cover creature, Jinouga. Images from the game's official site.

Returning from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd is a new form of Tigrex (ティガレックス亜種), now powered up with new attacks. Also introduced in the magazine this week is Aoashira (アオアシラ), a bearlike creature that resides in mountains, hunts fish from the water, and loves honey.

New creatures for MHP3rd, including Aoashira to the left.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto delivered a few comments to the magazine to commemorate the date announcement and the long awaited reveal of new details following the game's first announcement earlier this year. Tsujimoto promised a continual release of information from here on out, including Tokyo Game Show announcements that he feels will surprise players.

Famitsu got the scoop on some of those Tokyo Game Show plans. The game will appear in playable form at the event. Players will be able to try out single player play or online play.

The demo will offer three quests:

  • For beginners: a battle with Royal Ludroth in a deserted island stage
  • For mid to high level players: a hunt against multiple new monsters, Aoashira and Jeo-ouga
  • For pros: a battle with Tigrex in a volcano stage

You'll be able to select from 12 different weapons. When playing single player mode, you'll be able to select from three different types of Felynes. One of the new, previously announced, features of 3rd is the ability to take two Felynes with you out on hunts. It's unclear if this will be featured in the TGS build.

Past Monster Hunter games have had unfathomable waits at the Tokyo Game Show. Most notable was Monster Hunter 3, which required players to wait 280 minutes for a play chance. To control lines, Capcom will be distributing tickets in advance on the day of the show. The tickets will include a reserve time for playing the game.

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