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Retailers Reveal Super Mario All-Stars Wii

Nintendo may be celebrating Mario's super 25th anniversary with an awesome collectors package for Wii.


It looks like Nintendo held one of its periodic retailer briefings today. As usual, information has leaked out from retailers with blogging powers.

Game Jouhou summarized some of the information that's making the rounds right now.

The big news appears to be that Nintendo will be releasing "Super Mario Collection Special Pack" for Wii. This is a revival of Super Famicom's Super Mario Collection, known in the West as Super Mario All-Stars.

The "special pack" part of the name comes from the bonus item Nintendo will be including. The item, known as "Super Mario History 1985 - 2010," includes a booklet recapping 25 years of Mario history and showing previously unseen development materials, and a soundtrack CD with music spanning Super Mario Bros. through Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Collection Special Pack is set for October 21 release at ¥2,500.

The other bits of news concern Japanese release plans for games that were previously announced.

Kirby's Epic Yarn now has a date and name. The Good-feel developed title, which debuted at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, will carry the name "Keito no Kirby," literally "Kirby of Yarn." It will be released on October 14, priced ¥5,800.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn now has a final release date of October 28, with pricing set at ¥4,800. The previously announced Japanese name for the game is "Ougon no Taiyou: Shikkokunaru Yoake." This is pretty much a word for word translation of the English name.

As always, you should probably treat retail leaks like this as rumor until they're officially announced. However, I can't think of an example of such a leak being false, so expect to celebrate Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary on your Wii later this year.

update 15:05 Nintendo has confirmed at least two bits from the retailer report. Kirby now has an official site showing the name and date. The Golden Sun site was updated with the date.

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