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Sony's Green Onion to Appear at TGS

All purpose vegetable to debate PlayStation 3 in Sony's hardware zone.


There's no word from Sony about a TGS appearance for The Last Guardian. But something much, much better than a new Fumito Ueda game will be there.

This guy:

Sony's Green Onion mascot will be on hand in the Sony booth. And he (?) will apparently be joined by PS3.

The two will be in the booth's hardware and peripheral zone (that makes at least six zones!) where they'll discuss all the things you can do with the PlayStation 3.

Will their discussion be as civil as it is in this commercial?

Incidentally, I've been referring to the character as "Green Onion." It's actually "Banno Negi," a registered trademark for a green onion produced by Fukuoka's Zhikuzen Asakura agricultural cooperative association. Now you know.

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