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Capcom Readying Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Goods for TGS

TGS-exclusive Felyne Dharma joins a Mega Man soundtrack with a title screen for a cover.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's release date was announced just today. But Capcom isn't waiting to get the marketing started. The company revealed today its lineup of goods sales for the Tokyo Game Show, and MHP3rd is featured heavily.

The MHP3rd product line includes:

  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Felyne Dharma: ¥1,260
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Hand Towel: ¥1,050
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Cushion: ¥2,625
  • Monster HUnter Portable 3rd Cup: ¥1,050
Screenshot from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Of these, the Dharma will be limited to TGS. Everything will be eventually sold through other channels, but TGS goers get a first shot. Are you writing this down on your Ebay list?

Capcom will also have items for Sengoku Basara 3:

There are a couple of CDs set for sale too. Last Ranker will get a ¥2,940 drama CD:

Mega Man will get the Rockman Kai Arrange Shitemita!! CD. This ¥3,150 soundtrack includes a DVD and booklet as a bonus. But forget all that. The box art looks like a title screen!

Capcom's TGS shop will be accessible in the special sales area of the show on 9/18 and 9/19.

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