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Dead Rising Collaborates with Monster Hunter

There are moose heads in my Monster Hunter!


Capcom is holding a crossover for two of its biggest franchises. As part of the crossover, Monster Hunter Frontier players who pick up Dead Rising 2 will get some sweet bonuses.

Dead Rising 2, due for release on September 30, will include a special event code. Input this into MHF, and you'll get yourself the following DR2 items for use in MHF:

  • Rider Series (swordsman-type armor)
  • Rider Series (gunner-type armor)
  • Moose Head (head gear)
  • Knight Glove (dual sword)
  • Boom Stick (gun lance)

The Rider Series armor is offered in red, blue, yellow and green.

You can see specifics on how all the Dead Rising items perform in Monster Hunter Frontier at the campaign special site

While Dead Rising 2 is a cross platform title, Frontier is exclusively available on Xbox 360 an PC. Sure enough, the PS3 version of DR2 will not include the code.

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