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KOF Sky Stage: Xbox Live Arcade Date Finally Set

SNK Playmore's fusion of bullet hell shooting and KOF hits in two weeks.


KOF Sky Stage was first announced as an Xbox Live Arcade title. But while we waited for the XLA version to hit, SNK Playmore released it in arcades, and even included it as a mode of play in PSP's Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting.

At long last, the XLA version is ready to go. SNK Playmore announced today a final availability date of September 15. The game will be priced 800 Microsoft Points.

Just like the arcade version, which hit game centers in January, Sky Stage brings together six KOF series combatants for vertical bullet hell shooting with a touch of fighting. The game includes such elements as "combos" and special attacks -- things that you'd expect to see in a fighter.

For the XLA version, SNK Playmore has included Xbox Live support. You'll be able to team up with or compete against fellow online players.

SNK Playmore has released a trailer for the XLA version. You can view it here:

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