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New Date for Trinity Zill O'll Zero

Tecmo Koei shares another release date for the Omega Force action RPG. Will it stick this time?


Does it feel like you've been hearing about release dates and delays for Trinity Zill O'll Zero for the past year? That's because you have. Originally scheduled for release in the last fiscal year, the game was delayed, given a date, then delayed again.

Today, Tecmo Koei shared what will hopefully the final final date. Trinity will arrive on November 25, priced at ¥8,190. A "Premium Box" that includes such items as a visual book and poster will arrive simultaneously, priced at ¥11,340.

This PlayStation 3 action RPG comes from Dynasty Warriors development team Omega Force. It makes use of the world setting and characters of Zill O’ll, an RPG franchise that started in 1999 on the PlayStation. The basic flow of the game has you take up quests in an adventurers guild, and attempt to clear dungeons, all the while building up your character.

Trinity will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show. In a post at the game's development blog, producer Akihiro Suzuki said to expect a demo made especially for the show, allowing for players to sample the game's party action and interactive field components. He said to expect something considerably powered up from the E3 build.

Suzuki also promised that this new release date will be the final one.

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