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Kirby's Epic Yarn Set for Japan

Nintendo gives its E3 surprise a Japanese name, a Japanese date, and a must-see Japanese trailer.

Screenshot from E3.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is making it's way to Japan... minus the epic. Nintendo made first official mention of the game on Japanese soil today, sharing a new name, a date and a must-see trailer.

First unveiled at E3, Kirby's Epic Yarn is a Wii platforming game featuring Nintendo's soft and flexible pink hero. It takes its name from its visual style, which works into the gameplay as well. At E3, the game won near universal acclaim from those who played it.

While Nintendo Japan shared video and screens of the game at its Japanese E3 portal site, it never made formal announcement. That came today.

For its Japanese release, the game has been renamed "Keito no Kirby," which literally translates to Kirby the Yarn.

Nintendo will release Keito no Kirby here on October 14, roughly around the time of its overseas release. Pricing is set at ¥5,800.

Coinciding with the price and name announcement, Nintendo opened an official site. The site currently has just one piece of content: a new trailer.

You can view the trailer at the site, or stream it here.

The trailer details the game's background story. One day, while enjoying a walk, Kirby spots a delicious-looking tomato. Ge sucks up the tomato. Suddenly, the tomato's owner appears and, apparently angry over what Kirby has done, sucks Kirby up into a mysterious sock that hangs from his waist. Kirby ends up in a world where everything is yarn. Even Kirby has become yarn!

Cut to some must-see gameplay footage.

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