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Now There's a Kingdom Hearts Twitter

Nomura opens a Twitter for his top series and promises to keep out the fluff.


We've been hearing bits and pieces about Kingdom Hearts over at The 3rd Birthday Twitter. But no more! Square Enix's still-improbable tie-up with Disney now has its very own Twitter, accessible at @_KINGDOMHEARTS.

(You might be wondering why there's an underscore in the name. I haven't looked into the matter or anything, but the underscore-free @KINGDOMHEARTS Twitter name appears to be taken by a Kingdom Hearts fansite.)

In an early post at the Twitter, Tetsuya Nomura writes "Hello, I am Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series. Different from the 3rd Twitter, we'll avoid talking about other games and daily life. Instead, the focus will be on passing along the latest info on Kingdom Hearts from the publicity staff."

It looks like we're going to have to keep turning to the 3rd Birthday Twitter to see what game Tetsuya Nomura is dreaming about.

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