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Sega Pushes Shining Hearts Back

Title coming a couple of weeks later to "improve quality."


I totally swear, I was only joking when I wrote this yesterday:

I actually thought that by "means of dealing with it," Sawada (Shining series producer Tsuyoshi Sawada) meant they were going to give out bonus swag, or they were going to integrate the fact that they're releasing Shining Hearts opposite the sequel to the PSP's biggest game ever into their marketing campaign. You know, make a joke about it in the commercials, stupid things like "Your next hunt... is for your heart" -- crap like that.

But it looks like Sawada actually did mean they were planning on pushing the game back.

Whatever Sawada was talking about in his Tweet yesterday at the Shining Hearts Twitter, today Sega formally announced a delay for Shining Hearts. Originally scheduled for release on December 2, the day after Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the game is now arriving on December 16.

Officially, the game's official site cited a need to further improve quality.

Unofficially... at least I think this has something to do with it... Sawada Tweeted earlier today, "A green heart just came out. A little red heart."

I'm trying to figure out how that fits into the Shining Hearts MOE system.

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