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First Look: White Knight Chronicles PSP

A couple of characters shown for the new portable entry in Level-5's RPG series.


Famitsu.com has delivered its expected first online look at White Knight Chronicles -episode.portable- Dogma Wars, the new PSP entry in the Level-5 RPG series.

The details from Famitsu's four page feature were shared here yesterday. The Famitsu.com story has just a few of the screens and character artwork from the magazine.

On the character side, the site shares artwork and screens for Train Battalion member Anbietta and the mysterious Yumando.

For some reason, they left out Kaishius, whom I had the feeling might be the game's main character, and Eldas. And how come there's no pic of the darn train that gives your group its name? The magazine had a sweet render showing the train being pulled by horse. It's a horse pulled train.

They also picked some of the ickier screenshots to share:

The magazine didn't have too many shots, but there were some that looked nicer than this.

Notably, there were no pics or details in the magazine of combat. Sony is keeping the gameplay side of the game under wraps for now.

Visit Famitsu.com for more screens.

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