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Dream Club Zero: The Couch is Full

Nonono arrives from the future to complete the cast. Get a look at all the girls, the rodeo mini game and the alternative outfits.


With the announcement this past week of newcomer hostess Nonono, D3 continued to show that they have remarkable skill at coming up with unique hair colors. They also completed the cast of Dream Club Zero, at last ridding the couch of ghostly outlines.

Nonono is the one with the turquoise hair seated on the left of the couch. Fellow newcomer Asuka is on the far right of the couch. Newcomer Haruka is to the left of Asuka. Everyone else is returning from the first Dream Club, although Zero is actually a prologue so one could make the case that they're all new.

The three newcomers have their very own "number 18" song (that's what you call a song that you're good at singing). Request the song, and they'll karaoke it for you (while also getting drunk -- Zero allows you to play drinking games during karaoke.)

Haruka: Jewel

Asuka: Kokoro no Kotoba (Words of the Heart)

Nonono: Paradise

Outside of Nonono, the big reveal this past week was the game's rodeo machine mini game. As with past Dream Club games, you can go out with the girls on after hour dates. Zero adds an electronics retailer as one possible location for your date. There, you'll find a mechanical bull, which you can control while the girl rides. By making the bull shake just right, you could get the girl to release an expression of ecstasy.

As you can see in the rodeo shots, when you're out on dates, the girls will not wear the maid (or occasional cosplay) outfits that they wear in the club. Instead, they'll switch to personal clothing. Zero adds summer and fall clothing to the mix. Shown here, the summer options:

One point of note. Missing from the couch scene at the top of this story is Mari. The Dream Club hostess, notable both because of her eye patch and because she's vocalist in an indies rock band, is a secret character in Zero. You'll have to fulfill some sort of special condition to get her to appear before you.

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