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Yakuza PSP Has Virtual Kissing and Hostess Wars

Sega shows that other game who's the real king of the hostess sim!


Where would hostess simulations be without the Yakuza team? We'd be stuck with mechanical bulls and sales clerks who look like Secret Service, that's where!

Yakuza PSP may feature a younger hero this time around, but it still has the series' trademark hostess component. Sega has even seen fit to build some new features into this sub area of the game.

Those are your new hostess candidates at the top of this story (two of them are based off real people... can you guess which ones?). Previously, Sega showed some gaudy PSP cover designs themed around the hostesses. Today, Famitsu.com delivered details on something more closely related to the game: the new ways main character Tatsuya will interact with the hostesses as you play.

As with past Yakuza games, you can specify a particular girl when entering Kamurocho's hostess club. You'll get to converse with the girl of your choice.

But what if another customer comes in and selects the same girl? This is where the game's new Hostess Wars component comes into play. Because a new customer has requested her, the girl will leave you temporarily. But before leaving, she'll ask you a personal question about herself. If you respond correctly, her favor for you will rise, and she'll return to you more quickly. Respond incorrectly, and she may spend more time with the rival customer. Until you've reached a certain level of favor, the girl will keep on switching back and forth between Tatsuya and rival customers.

Yes, I also had something different in mind when I first heard "Hostess Wars."

The other new feature introduced at Famitsu.com can be best described by this screen:

First person kissing! This is actually the game's new Hostess Heat component. Once you've reached a certain level of favor with a particular hostess, you'll get to take part in a Hostess Heat quick timer event. When you leave the club, the girl will call out for you to stop. Press all the buttons that flash on the screen within the time limit, and the inside of your PSP's screen will get a big wet one.

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