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Capcom's Big Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Hint

A not-so-mysterious skateboard and rollerblade image along with hints that new characters could debut next week.


The Super Street Fighter IV blog promised a hint for this week regarding new characters for Super Street Fighter IV's arcade version. The hint arrived today at the blog.

And here it is:

This image of a skateboard and rollerblades should be familiar to those who've been keeping up with the game, as a similar teaser silhouette appeared in the most recent Arcadia magazine.

Can you figure out who these objects refer to?

The text in the image just says "What in the world are these!?"

In other Super SFIV arcade news, the game will be seeing its second location test shortly. This will take place at High Tech Land Sega Avion in Osaka on 9/11 and 9/12.

This second location test was actually announced a while back. But here's where things get interesting. In addition to being in today's blog post, the rollerblade and skateboard image is on the arcade version's official site in the details section for the upcoming location test. Could the mystery character(s) be debuting in Capcom's home town of Osaka next week?

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