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Radiant Historia's Battle System Detailed

Manipulate time and space not just in the story, but in combat as well! Plus, meet the beast tribe from the east.


Atlus has thus far focused its Radiant Historia updates on the game's story, characters and time travel component. But now, thanks to Famitsu.com, we have some details on the game's battle system.

A few vague bits about this area were shared back at the game's announcement. During combat, enemies are placed on a 3x3 grid. You'll need to manipulate both this grid and the movement order of enemies and allies.

As you fight, the top screen shows enemy and ally order on a vertical time line. It's possible to manipulate the time line. Your battle palette has, in addition to the typical attack, skill, item and defense choices, a "Change" selection. Choose this, and you'll be able swap the current character's position with an enemy or an ally. Using the Change maneuver, you may be able to create attack combos with allies.

Manipulate the battle timeline (left) to create chances for combos with your allies (right).

As for the grid manipulation, each of your characters has a "grid movement skill" that can force an enemy to a different square. Skillfully use this maneuver, and you could end up forcing all enemies into a single space on the 3x3 grid, opening the whole lot to big damage in a single turn.

The enemies appear on a 3x3 grid. You can get them all together into a single space for most effective damage.

Outside of these battle details, Famitsu has a first look at a new area of the Radiant Historia world. We've thus far been introduced to Alicetel, home country of the main characters, and Gran org, the evil empire to the West. There are other kingdoms, though, including Celestia, kingdom of the beast men.

Celestia is located in the forests to the east of Alicetel. The Celestia people live like early man, but they have the ability to manipulate Mana. A special tree in Celestia is full of Mana, and it protects the people.

There are multiple tribes in Celestia. They've all remained largely sealed off from man for the past 200 years. Some, including the Bruto tribe, firmly adhere to this isolationist principle. The Saturos tribe are more open, and will occasionally mingle and trade with man on a personal level.

During these exchanges between man and Saturos, it's the Saturos who enter the world of man. Man cannot enter Celestia, which is protected by magic.

Celestian characters introduced by Famitsu include Ato, a girl in the Saturos tribe, Ato's older sister Reeze, and the traveling entertainer Banossa. From the Bruto tribe, the site introduces Gafka, a warrior who was expelled from the Bruto country after having engaged in a forbidden fight against man. The Saturos tribe took him in, and he is indepted to them.

Visit Famitsu.com for additional screens showing these new areas of Radiant Historia.

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