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Nintendo's New 3D Puzzler

A new WiiWare game with 3D Tetris pieces.


Nintendo and KeysFactory are readying a unique 3D puzzler for WiiWare release. Titled Surinuki Anatousu, the game will hit the download service on the 7th at 800 WiiPoints.

The name "Surinuku Anatoousu" literally means to go through holes. That's a pretty good description of what you do in the game. You take control of a Tetromino-like collection of blocks in a forced 3D scrolling stage. You have to position and rotate the piece to make it pass through holes in approaching walls.

You can get a look at the game via this trailer that was posted at the new official site.

The game is played with either the Wiimote or nunchuck. You move the pieces around with the d-pad, make them rotate with A or B, and, when you're ready, accelerate through the wall with Z.

There are a couple of methods for getting a higher score.

First up are combos. By going through special markers in the holes in the wall, you'll get additional points. If you do this on consecutive fly-throughs, you'll get even more points.

You can also show off by doing "Tricks." The holes that you're flying through are actually larger than your pieces. For advanced players, its possible to use the piece to first draw out a silhouette matching the full hole. This is referred to as a "Trick," and it results in big points.

The game has forced forward scrolling, but you're free to continually retry whenever you run into a wall. You're really going up against a time limit. Can you make it to the end of the stage before time runs out?

In addition to this "Stage Clear" mode, there's also an "Endless" mode where you keep playing forever. Also included is a "Trick Challenge" mode where you attempt to do tricks on each hole.

The game will have Wi-Fi Connection support for worldwide rankings. Nintendo says that until the game's overseas version is released, the rankings page will just show Japanese data.

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