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PlayStation Move Media

Sony invites the Japanese press out to a demo event and shares screens of all its motion games.

Machi Suberi (aka Kung Fu Rider).

Sony recently invited the Japanese press out to a pre-Tokyo Game Show PlayStation Move demo event. Attendees were able to sample Move's TGS lineup, including games like Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and Hurry Hurry Monkey Get You (that's seriously what Ape Escape's Japanese name means!)

I'm not sure which of the screens are new, but here's what on display at the demo session.

Resident Evil Gold Edition

Furi Furi Ape Escape

Big 3 Gun Shooting

Machi Suberi (Kung Fu Rider)

Beat Sketch

Sports Champion

Nikudan (The Fight: Lights Out)

Move de Party

TV Superstar

Echochrome II

Me & My Pet (aka EyePet)

For a closer look at the event, complete with videos, see these Japanese stories:

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