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Sakura Wars Maker Hinting at Tokyo Game Show Announcement

Could Sega and Red be announcing a revival over the next couple of weeks?


There have been some rumors of late about new developments in the Sakura Wars series. These may or may not pan out, but there's one thing for sure: the franchise's developer, Red Entertainment, is going to be announcing something within the next couple of weeks.

An update at the Red Entertainment staff blog today had a hint about a possible announcement. Closing off the post, the blog's writer noted that the Tokyo Game Show is approaching. He wrote, "The next time I handle the blog, I believe I will, for the first time in a while, be able to have a splendid announcement."

The Sakura Wars franchise, which originated as a 1996 Sega Saturn title, turns 15 next year, and there's recently been some talk about possible celebrations from Red and the series' publisher, Sega. Series creator Ouji Hiroi perked fan interest when he took the stage during an August talk event promoting a Sammy Sakura Wars 2 pachinko game and said that those interested in the future of the series might want to check a September issue of Famitsu.

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