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Criminal Girls: Nippon Ichi Aims For 50,000 Spankings

Promotional materials reveal comic plans, target audience an a few surprise gameplay bits.


Leaked promotional materials allow us to learn a few new bits about Nippon Ichi and Image Epoch's Criminal Girls, a PSP RPG where you punish bad big busted babes while guiding them up to the top of a demon-filled tower in the border between hell and the real world.

Here are the offending materials:

The one on the right has all the juicy bits. It lists some of the game's targets as well as Nippon Ichi's promotional plans.

Nippon Ichi is aiming for 50,000 unit sales for Criminal Girls. Target users include "PSP RPG players," "Voice Actress fan players" and "Shojo Moe and Growth Game fan players." I don't have to translate "Shojo Moe," do I?

To promote Criminal girls, Nippon Ichi is doing the old media mix. They'll be releasing a CD with the opening and ending theme song and a CD featuring the character theme songs. These CDs will be promoted with launch events.

Additionally, it looks like we'll be getting a Criminal Girls comic. This will begin serialization in an unspecified magazine in October.

There are also a couple of points about the game itself. Until now, the punishment scenes have been covered up in mosaics. Like in these "spanking" and "massage" screenshots:

When you actually play the game, the mosaic effect will be gone.

Nippon Ichi hasn't shared specifics on the punishment component. However, it looks like the punishment part of the game is an actual system, with its own system name -- the "Oshioki System." That just translates to "Punishment System."

The pamphlet also lets us get a look at the four additional girls who will join Arisu, Kisaragi and Tomoe in hell. Unfortunately, names for these girls are not provided.

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