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Namco Bandai Shares AM Show Lineup

Gundam Extreme VS and four player Pac-Man lead the way at upcoming arcade event.


Namco Bandai's lineup for the upcoming Amusement Machine Show doesn't have as many surprises as Sega's, but at least two of the attractions could pack in the crowds.

Gundam Extreme VS will lead the way in the company's booth later this week. The game will make its trade show playable debut, although it has previously appeared on location test.

As detailed at the company's lineup page, Extreme VS will be joined by the following games:

Pac-Man Battle Royal
A four player Pac-Man game using a retro table-type unit. Each player takes control of a Pac-Man and attempt to survive the longest. Eating a Power Cookie (Power Pellet) allows you to chomp on not just ghosts, but on the other Pac-Mans as well!
Umi Monogatari Lucky Marine Theater Special
The latest entry in the Umi Monogatari medal game series.
Taiko Drum Master 14
The latest entry in Namco Bandai's drumming series promises a lineup of songs from j-pop to anime. Namco Bandai will be promoting the game with a McDonalds Happy Meal tie-up.
Anpanman wa Dokoda?
This kids game has players search for Anpanman using a touch screen. It can be played by kids as young as one and a half years.
Anpanman Taiko de Dondon
A drumming game using the Anpanman character. Includes "Story Game" and "Anpanman March" modes.

The 48th Amusement Machine show will be held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba from the 9th through the 11th. The first two days are press and business partners only. The general pulic can attend on the last day.

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