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Your Record of Agarest War 2 Bonus Goodies

Plus, a new promotional video shows the game's event creation system and naughty massage mini game.


Record of Agarest War 2 has more than just event scenes with suggestive imagery of bananas and suspicious fluids. It also has bonus goodies. With suggestive imagery, of course!

That's a special cloth featuring original artwork the game's artist, Katsuyuki Hirano. I don't think it's the kind of cloth that you're supposed to rub yourself with. But whatever you're into...

The cloth is included with the game's ¥9,429 limited edition. Joining it is a DVD featuring PS3 custom themes and a soundtrack.

Buyers of either the standard ¥7,329 edition or the limited edition will get a 40 page visual book, shown here:

In addition to all this bonus info, the game's official site was recently updated with a second promotion video. Stream here:

The video has plenty of combat footage, but the real attraction is the latter half, where you'll get a glimpse of the heroines dancing, as well as some of those naughty mini games for which the series is known, including a "massage" mini game that really ought to have Move support.


There's also a glimpse of the game's event creation system, where you can make your very own events, selecting background, CG, character potrait, and voice.

Make your own original events!
You can make this!

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