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Blue Roses Has Lovely Box Art

And a neat pre-order bonus too.


I hope you don't mind if I interject my opinion here, but the box art for Nippon Ichi's Blue Roses is quite lovely, don't you think?

Nippon Ichi shard the packaging today as part of a notice about the game's pre-order bonus. Pre-orderers will get a 40 page size A5 booklet featuring sketches, illustrations and other goodies.

Here's a look at the bonus booklet's cover and an image of the inside:

To get the sweet packaging and pre-order bonus, you'll have to pay ¥6,090 for the Blue Roses retail version. A download version is also on the way at ¥4,800, but you won't be able to show off the box when the ladies visit your pad.

Both versions arrive on the 16th. [spoiler]Day one of the Tokyo Game Show damn you Nippon Ichi!!![/spoiler]

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