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SIE Readying Goggle-Free 3D Compatible Arcade Board

System Board Y3 to debut at JAMMA later this week.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Jan, powered by the System Y2 board.

SI Electronics announced today the development of its new System Board Y3 arcade board. The big feature the company is pushing for the board is its support for 3D goggle free displays.

You'll recognize the System Board line as the board that powered such games as AQ Interactive's Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Jan mahjong game. The Y2 version of the board was first unveiled at last year's AOU Amusement Expo. You can get specs here.

The new Y3 version of the board makes use of SIE's internally developed Y3 processor. According to SIE, this processor allows the board to work with goggle free 3D displays and output full HD visuals, all while retaining a small footprint and low cost.

Here are the specs SEI provided:

CPU: PowerPC 800MHz
Memory: DDR2-800 1GByte
Graphics: 2D Max 1.8 billion pixel/sec
Polygon: Max 1 billion pixel/sec
Movie Playback: Full HD
Sound: 32ch
Media: TBA
Output: Video, Analogue, D-Sub 15pin x 2
Sound: Stereo 2ch, RCA Connector
Game I/O: JAMMA Connector, JVS I/O Connector
Serial: 1ch
GPIO: 16ch

The board will be shown in video form in the Kaga Amusement booth at the Amusement Machine Show, which kicks off on Thursday at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. SEI has yet to say what games will run on the board.

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