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Blue Oasis Hits PS3 With YouTube Uploads and Swimming Bomberman

Hudson brings its Wii virtual aquarium to PSN.


That's Hudson's mascot Bomberman revealing his secret life as a fish in Blue Oasis. The PlayStation 3 downloadable version of the WiiWare aquarium simulator hits tomorrow at ¥500.

I'm not sure if Bomberman is new, but the HD visuals certainly are! Have a look via these screens that Hudson sent out today.

Like the Wii version, the PS3 version of Blue Oasis, lets you create your very own aquarium, setting size and background, placing objects, and selecting your choice of fish. You can make and store six aquariums.

For the fish selection, Hudson has included around 50 species. Fish that you've placed in your waters will grow, assuming you give them the right feed. If you don't give your fish enough food, the smaller ones will end up getting eaten by the larger ones.

Outside of feeding, you can interact with the aquarium by knocking on the glass. You can even give names to your fish and choose to get a close up view of particular fish.

You'll be able to preserve your aquarium for viewing even when the game is not loaded up. You can take screenshots, which are saved to your PS3 hard disc. You can also take videos for direct uploading to YouTube.

Hudson will be making available download content. Every month, starting on the 21st of this month, Blue Oasis players will have access to a three-fish set costing ¥100. Hudson will also be making two new free wallpapers available every month.

Where does Bomberman fit into all this? He appears to be one of the game's fish species, as the above screen shows the close-up viewing mode. You'll have to see for yourself if he's included by default or if you have to buy him as one of the separate pack.

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