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This Week's Electric Shock Flying Get (update 13:00)

New Criminal Girls details. FFXIII possibly coming to Xbox 360. The latest magazine leaks.

Yakuza PSP gets favorable marks in Dengeki.

Isn't it a bit early for flying get? No no... it's never too early for flying get. Flying get happens whenever magazine info leaks out in advance, and for Dengeki PlayStation, the leaks will often happen on a Tuesday night rather than the usual Wednesday morning.

As always, the info you see here hasn't been verified, but if there's something that I'm suspicious about (like the Final Fantasy XIII stuff below), I'll say so. You should always wait for verification before discussing these topics with your friendly Bic Camera clerk.

Check back throughout the day (well, the next two days) for updates!

ADDED 9/8 13:00

The Truth Behind The 3rd Birthday's Overdive

The shocking truth behind Aya's "Overdive" ability is revealed in this week's Jump. The magazine says that Overdive actually makes Aya jump back in time.

Previously, we were told that Aya uses Overdive to take control of troops on the battlefield while she remains in CTI headquarters. During combat, you jump from soldier to soldier -- this is called Overdiving.

How does this character jumping thing fit in with the time jumping thing? It turns out that the battles Aya is jumping into are actually in the past.

Mind blown!

Also, as detailed below, Jump reveals this week that Aya's little sister Eve Brea will appear in the game. During a mission, Aya will encounter Eve, who's supposed to have gone missing.

The "costume" component teased at the official Twitter earlier this week is also shared in this week's issue. Actually, the magazine doesn't say much. Aya can change costumes, and to illustrate this, the magazine shows her changing into a costume for Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning!

New Last Story Characters

This week's Jump has profiles of two "new" The Last Story characters, Jackal and Manamia. Both characters differ from past allies in that they're magic users. Jackal uses powerful attack magic. Manamia specializes in recovery magic.

I put the "New" in quotes here because these characters were previously seen in screenshots. The appearance in Jump means that we'll hopefully get an update on the game shortly.

ADDED 9/8 12:17

Motomu Toriyama on FFXIII X360 & PS3 DLC

Famitsu has an interview with Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama this week. Toriyama reveals that the Xbox 360 version Japanese release will have the game's English theme song. He also says that the game's easy mode will do such things as making it easier to do break moves and increase the drop rate.

The magazine also asked Toriyama about a previous hint he gave about download content for the PS3 version. You'll recall that simultaneous with the PS3 version's release late last year, Toriyama made a post at the official site's "message" section saying that players who keep the game with them (instead of selling it used) could expect some "additional good things." A hint at download content? Apparently yes! The magazine asked Toriyama about the post, and he replied that they originally had plans to release download content but ended up not doing this.

Here's a summary of Toriyama's original post, if you want to relive December 2009.

ADDED 9/8 11:59

Pokemon Black & White is perfect

So says Famitsu, apparently. Black & White has become the magazine's... oh, I lost track a while back.

Here are some of this week's scores:

  • Pokemon Black & White (DS): 10, 10, 10, 10
  • Front Mission Evolved (PS3/X360): 8, 7, 8, 7
  • Trick Logic Season 2 (PSP): 8, 8, 9, 9
  • Blue Roses (PSP): 7, 7, 7, 7
The Plasma Group approves of the perfect score.

ADDED 9/8 11:42

Ace Attorney Investigations Playable at TGS

Capcom's big surprise for this week (aside from that whole CyberConnect2 tie-up project) is Ace Attorney Investigations 2, aka Gyakuten Kenji 2. Here's another surprise. Even though the DS sequel is just being announced, it's already scheduled to go playable at next week's Tokyo Game Show!

Details are a bit scarce at present, but here's one little bit: "Chess." This is a key term regarding one of the game's new systems.

Miles Edgeworth returns on DS! Shown here, the original Ace Attorney Investigations.

Aya Becomes Lightning in The 3rd Birthday

Jump has its promised "costume" report on The 3rd Birthday (the game's promotional staff teased the report in a recent Tweet). It looks like you'll be able to change Aya's costumes. It also seems that one of the costumes makes Aya look like Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning!

The magazine also shares a big story detail. Aya's twin sister Eve will appear in the game.

You can try and make sense of the Aya and Eve relationship by reading the Parasite Eve Wikipedia entry.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Gets a Sequel

I deemed this worthy of its own story. Dissidia Final Fantasy is getting a sequel, and it has a zany Tetsuya Nomura name.

Details here.

Square Enix brings back its Final Fantasy fighting crossover. Shown here, Dissidia Final Fantasy Universal Tuning.

ADDED 9/8 10:46

Capcom Teams With CyberConnect2

Capcom and Naruto developer CyberConnect2 have started up a new project. And that's all we know at the moment! I presume there's some sort of interview in Famitsu, so we should hear more shortly.

Microsoft's Press Conference Leaked Out in Advance

Cancel the press conference, Microsoft, all the info has leaked out in advance via Famitsu.

In addition to the Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits info, the magazine confirms an 11/20 release for Kinect. The hands-free control device will be priced ¥14,800.

The magazine also mentions a few additional titles. Gunloco is now scheduled for Japanese release some time in 2011. Mass Effect 2 is finally coming here, with a release set for this Fall.

It also looks like we can expect some announcements during Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show keynote address. The magazine teases this by saying "There also be additional announcements at the Tokyo Game Show!?" Whenever they say something like that, it usually means to expect something.

Microsoft made players here wait forever for the original Mass Effect (shown above). The wait for the sequel won't be as long, it seems.

ADDED 9/8 10:18

Yakuza PS3's Final Name

Sega has been keeping the name of the new Ryu ga Gotoku, aka Yakuza, a secret. Famitsu's preview of next week's issue reveals the name: Ryu ga Gotoku Of the End.

That's not a translation of Japanese -- it's written in Roman characters as "Of the End."

The magazine promises a full scoop on the game for next week. The game is not in the table of contents, so I presume this means there is no coverage this week.

Sega is scheduled to update the official site tomorrow, so I'm gong to assume the name and logo will be shared then. Unless Sega really has decided to unveil the name of one of its biggest upcoming titles in the back of Famitsu.

Dead or Alive 3DS Gets a Name, and More New Games

From Famitsu's Table of Contents:

The 3DS version of Dead or Alive is now called Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Gundam Musou 3 is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this winter.

Capcom is readying Gyakuten Kenji 2 for DS. English-speaking players will recognize this series as Ace Attorney Investigations.

There's also a new PSP game in development. It's called "Arms' Heart." I'm not sure of the publisher.

Let's hope the name is accompanied by details.

Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Goes Ultimate Hits

Famitsu has confirmed Final Fantasy XIII's Xbox 360 release. It also shared the full name: Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International.

Not only is Square Enix releasing the game as an international version, it's putting it under its "Ultimate Hits" budget lineup. Xbox 360 owners will get the game for a lower-than-normal price: ¥4,980.

As revealed yesterday, the game is due for release on December 16. Further details have yet to leak out from the magazine.

ADDED 9/7 23:43

More Criminal Girls... girls

Finally, the identity of the four remaining girls from Nippon Ichi's Criminal Girls.

From Dengeki PS:

Voice: Mari Hagai, Sin: Wrath. The girl with the cloak and short hair. She's violent, particularly with men. She'll frequently punch you.
Voice: Azumi Asakura, Sin: Sloth. The "lolita with pink hair" (the one with the broom, I presume). She's Sako's younger twin sister. While she's serious and behaved, her sister does everything for her so she doesn't do anything for herself.
Voice: Yuko Takayama, Sin: Indulgence. Yuko's older twin sister. She's the girl with the star in her hair to the upper right of Yuko in the main artwork (shown below). She's short tempered and will even be reckless when it comes to Yuko.
Voice: Mayumi Yoshida, Sin: Pride. The girl with the green hair. She was given special education as a gifted child. Her overly rational views result in resentment from others.
Images of a leaked retail pamphlet.

Dengeki also has some gameplay details this week.

The game's combat system puts four of the girls in battle. They'll move as they please, and they sometimes won't even do anything. It seems that the girls will suggest possible skills to you, and you'll have to select these. The battle system will also allow for team-up attacks between the girls.

Previously released battle shots.

The magazine also has a few details on the game's mysterious punishment system. You'll have to use this to make the girls behave in battle. In general, the girls won't listen to your commands during battle. By punishing them, you'll get them to do better in battle, suggesting additional skills and working together as a team.

To punish the girls, you need "OP," which presumably stands for Oshioki Points ("Oshioki" is Japanese for punish... maybe they can call it PP in the English version). As an example, the spanking punishment requires 100op. It also looks like you'll be able to make use of a "soft whip" during punishment.

The magazine has a collection of punishment scene images, but they're once again blocked by mosaic. You can still make out enough to see that one girl is in her underwear and another is shown bending over with her butt to the screen (waiting to be spanked, I presume).

The mosaics will not be in the final version.

Previously released punishment shots.

Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360

File this one under the rumor category (yes, it's a rumor in a story about rumors). It seems that Final Fantasy XIII will finally be getting a Japanese Xbox 360 release. The game will have English voices and a new "easy mode." As a bonus item, the first print run will include a booklet. This booklet contains artwork, previously unseen event scenes, and a novel. A release is set for 12/16.

The blog that leaks all the Dengeki PlayStation info says that this info was posted in a small blurb in the magazine's news corner. I'm not sure if the blog writer actually saw the info for himself or if he's just posting something he saw elsewhere.

Microsoft will be having a press conference on Wednesday, so we should find out for sure soon.

Yakuza PSP Reviewed

Dengeki PlayStation has reviewed Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter and awarded the game with 85, 80, 80 and 80.

One reviewer said that the game gives the atmosphere of a Yakuza game. However, while the illustration-style movies were full of impact, he sometimes had a difficult time telling who was who. On the gameplay front, the reviwer praised the growth aspects and the great differences between battle styles, although he found himself wishing for the ability to change fighting styles during combat (you set the style in advance of combat).

Another reviewer said that even those without knowledge of the Yakuza series will be able to enjoy the story. He praised the variety in sub events. The game's content feels like it's a bit youth-oriented, though.

A third reviewer also remarked on the game's retention of its Yakuzaness and the variety of sub events. Complaints included the inability to move around via taxi, the inability to use the public phones to manage your items, some camera issues during movement, and the lack of life gauges during battle causing some difficulties when you incur heavy damage.

Also reviewed this month:

  • Front Mission Evolved (PS3): 85, 80, 80, 85
  • Sengoku Esatsu Yugi Hototogisu Dairan (PSP): 80, 70, 85, 60
  • Blue Roses (PSP): 70, 80, 70, 70

For Front Mission, one reviewer complained that the loading is long and it's unfortunate that you can't do an install. Other reviewers praised the customization options and the cool look of the Wanzer mech motions.

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