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Sega Brings HD 8-Player Pengo to AM Show

Revival of arcade classic to be playable at this week's arcade gaming event.

Resolution like this would've made the Z80 explode!

Sega announced its Pengo revival back in July and quickly put the game on location test at Club Sega in Akihabara. Now it looks like Sega has deemed the title ready for the scrutiny of arcade industry VIPs. Sega updated its Amusement Machine Show lineup today to list playable Pengo!

As detailed back in July, the new Pengo game is an 8-player update of the 1982 arcade classic. While the visuals retain their Z80 8-bit stylings, the game runs in HD and allows operators to choose between 16x9 and 4x3. The game is powered by Sega's Ringwide board, the lesser counterpart to the high end Ringedge board.

Sega added the game to its Amusement Machine Show info page, but unfortunately did not share release timing. Show attendees will get to sample the game in advance staring on the 9th. The event opens to the public on the 11th.

Previously, Sega unveiled an AM Show lineup with such new offerings as Initial D Arcade Stage 6AA, Border Break Air Burst Ver.2.0, and Shining Force Cross Raid. You can get full details here.

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