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Nintendo Offers Demo of New WiiWare 3D Puzzle Game

Sample Surinuke Anatousu before you buy.


Nintendo's new 3D puzzle game Surinuke Anatousu hit WiiWare yesterday. Did you read the preview? Did you watch the video? Still not convinced? Then download the demo!

Nintendo made available a demo of the game simultaneous with the paid version. The demo requires 113 blocks of space.

As noted at Inside Games, while Nintendo has released demos of its WiiWare games in the past, this is the first time a demo has arrived day-in with the paid version. Previous demos came well after the paid version's release.

Developed by Keys Factory, Surinuku Anatoousu is a 3D puzzler where you attempt to make Tetris pieces successfully fly through holes in approaching walls. The game includes Stage Clear, Endless and Trick Challenge modes, along with support for world rankings (currently just Japanese rankings).

If you enjoy the demo, you can download the full game for 800 WiiPoints.

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