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Nomura Makes a Curious Tweet About Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Game being developed with the PlayStation 3 in mind, director assures.

What is Nomura trying to say about Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Tetsuya Nomura decided out of nowhere today to Tweet about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and multiplatform development.

Wrote the Versus XIII director at The 3rd Birthday Twitter: "Multiplatform is when you start development on a game with the assumption of optimizing for multiple platforms. Porting is something that's done after you've developed a game specifically for a particular platforms. The debate over porting is decided by the management based off the current market and the costs. All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3."

This comment comes a day after reports surfaced about Final Fantasy XIII's Xbox 360 version being released in Japan. While the news has yet to be confirmed, Microsoft is scheduled to hold one of its seasonal press conferences later today, so we'll know shortly if it's true or not.

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